The case studies developed by me were research paper buy online included in books published by the ICFAI University, bearing the following titles:

1.Strategic Leadership – Concepts and Experiences (2006)

2. Human Capital Management – Concepts and Experiences (Nov 2006)

3. HR Metrics – An Introduction

4. Healthcare1a ghostwriter Management – Country Perspectives

5. Effective Talent Management

6. Business Excellence – Concepts and Cases

7. Human Capital – Accounting and Valuation

8. Change Management Concepts and Applications, Tata McGraw-Hill, India (2006)

9. Case Studies in CRM

10. Case Studies in Operations Management, Volume I

11. Case Studies in Supply Chain Management, Volume I

12. Case Studies on Generic Strategies, Volume I

13. Case Studies in Business Strategy, Volume II

14. Case Studies in Marketing, Volume II

15. Case Studies in HRM, Volume II

16. Case Studies in Management, Volume II

17. Case Studies in Marketing, Volume III

18. Case Studies in Business Strategy, Volume V.

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