Is this the India of My Dream?

Is this the India of my dream?
Where the hapless, still scream!
In our own praise, we sing hymns,
The Westerners learn yoga, while we go to gyms!
We consume medicines of allopathy,
While the Westerners follow, ayurveda and homoeopathy!
We have scamsters, proud of their feat,
And reservationists, ready to take their seat!
We deliver justice that drags through ages,
Committees submitting reports, of innumerable pages!
Truth and honest people, incessantly trampled,
Ethics and morality inevitably crumpled!
Where educationists and academicians are hardly appreciated,
And writers and knowledge workers are always depreciated!
Where culture is degrading, commensurate with economy’s growth,
People expect higher salaries, but to work hard, loath!
This is not the India of my dream,
Which is fast losing out its steam!


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