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Les Williams

Mohan’s quest for a prudent world transcends his personal philanthropy and translates into the integrity that he brings to his work. He commits 100+ percent to all assigned projects with the ability to quickly learn new subjects, products and services. As a subject matter expert he is always willing to take the lead in collaborating with his team mates to articulate complex technology in simple written and visual forms. He is very thorough in his research with the ability to provide a concise position with well correlated facts collected from mass data, across multiple domains; thereby enabling development of an authentic and even unique position on the topic of discourse. Most impressive is Mohan’s ability to consistently build on a premise by eagerly considering all constructive feedback and factoring them into his work. It was a pleasure working with Mohan and I will be happy to give him a job again any day.

Chief Marketing Officer with Product Management, Vendor Management, Sales & Operations Expertise

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Anil Kartham

I had the privilege to work with Mohan when we both were starting our careers nearly 12 years back. His passion for writing, and mastery of English language were two things that always fascinated me. Though I myself had a strong English vocabulary, he was much better than me even then. He is gifted with a knack for choosing right words for any verbal expression. With his deep love for writing, formal education in business management, journalism, and English literature and his continuous self-learning tendencies he is extremely well positioned to be a business communications expert. It is not exaggeration to say that I have not seen in my work life someone who is more passionate about English language and writing. Great talent!

Corporate Strategy / IT Industry / BFSI

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Sonam Jain

I'm a huge fan of Mohan Chandran's poems and articles. His language and choice of words are amazing. I am always with dictionary learning new synonyms while reading his writings!!

His poems are more on non-fiction which makes me connect instantly. The harsh truth of the modern lives is mentioned awesomely, which makes you feel the pinch with a smile.

I really admire your outlook towards life and the way you put it across!!

Keep up the great work. You simply rock Sir!! I wish you the Very best in all walks of life.

Team Lead (Accenture)

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Heeral Tyagi

Mohan is a multi-faceted, highly talented person. He is a great writer and communicator and has unmatched grasp over the English Language. He has sound knowledge of technology and keeps abreast of the latest technological trends at all times. Mohan is a great leader to work with and leads by example. He draws out the best from his team members through his perpetual encouragement at all times. I wish him the best in all his endeavors!

e-Learning Specialist - Independent Consultant

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Pramod Perla

P. Mohan is one of the most informative persons I had ever met. He was a kind of database, with loads and loads of knowledge. Very helping in nature and you can always expect funny moments with him. We used to discuss a lot on topics related to politics, jobs, business, technology, etc. If you want to describe him in one sentence, I would say he is the "voice of all masses." I appreciate his willingness to come forward and handle social issues. Congratulations Mohan for whatever you have achieved and all the best for all your future endeavors.

Technical Writer at mFino

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Sundeep Motamarri

Mohan is a great person to work with. A knowledgeable person with whom I had a good association to work in various areas. Most importantly, his positive attitude towards social responsibility is worth a mention.

Program Manager at Verizon Data Services India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

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Ravi Kishore

I know Mohan for almost 8 years now. He's a very skilled analyst, excellent teacher and an eligible bachelor. He is an asset to the company that hires him at any given time.

Managing Partner, SLR Advertising

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Rajasekhar Addanki

Mr. P. Mohan Chandran is my classmate of M.A (Journalism & PR). He is always approachable, friendly and helpful person. I personally know Mohan's smart mind and great heart. And his technical knowledge, writing and editing skills are commendable. He is sincere, driven and dedicated. He is an outstanding professional and truly unique. With him anybody can feel comfortable and do whatever work easily and successfully.

Chief Reporter at HMTV News Channel (Hyderabad Media House Limited)

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Arundhati Ghanwar

"Mohan has very good writing skills. Good team player and used to collaborate well."

Manager-Info Services at ISB-LRC

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Sarma P Vedantam

Mr. Mohan Chandran is a natural writer who specializes in business research articles, technical writing, case studies, etc. His style and presentation of facts and analysis meet the requirements of both specialists and laymen. So, if you need any content to be written in lucid style without compromising on depth and reliability, you can approach him.

Independent Research Professional

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DG Prasad

Mohan is a nice person at heart. He is a diligent worker, detailed oriented (happen to work on generation of case studies) apart from being a Great Team Player. He got exemplary writing skills and abundance of creativity. I also found him sincere and dedicated to his work. Always an asset for any team/organization and we can consider ourselves providential if we have one like him in our team/organization.

Sr. Manager (Economist), Research & Development at Bourse Africa

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Uzma Khadeer

Mohan is one of the most industrious persons I have ever come across. His analytical ability, ingenious writing skills and love for English language sets him a class apart. As a person Mohan is genuinely humane.

Center Manager – Accelerated Solutions Environment at Capgemini

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Sudeep Dasgupta

Mohan was a valuable resource in our research team. He is great at doing business, market and user research activities. I had great faith in his analytical and documentation skills. His ability to get a quick grasp on the underlying principle of a problem and focus on relevant research activities, was very useful in our product design process.

User Experience leader​, Verizon

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Deepak Vasudevan

Mohan is a mobile dictionary and a live thesaurus who can be looked up with an enhanced and elevated levels of confidence and trust for any queries on English language and writing products. His skills of writing encompass multiple domains (ranging from politics, education and a skillful, artistic personal weblog), which I believe his own LinkedIn profile could demonstrate in the best manner.

Technical Project Lead​, Verizon

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Madhu Mohan T

By George! The kind of eye Mohan has for the details and stupendous zeal towards English language and literature makes me envy him. Though I knew Mohan only for a short while, we have grown to be very good professional friends and the kind of support he extended in completion of a specific task is extremely commendable. He and his experiments with the language would take him to the altar of his choice career, for sure!

Head - Career Services | Consulting Director in Recruiting and Talent Management | XLRI, Jamshedpur

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Rajesh Toranagatti

P. Mohan is a creative whiz kid. His outlook is very contemporary and his pen is indeed mightier and smarter. He can be an asset to any company that is truly looking at sensible journalism and serious creativity!

India HR Head and Senior Area Training Manager

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R Srinivasa Raghavan

Mohan is very good at time management and he possess excellent communication and analytical skills. Being gifted to work for strong brands like Verizon & ISB which kindled his entrepreneurial deftness, I am sure Mohan will spark as a consummate icon in his line of business. 'Put the client first' is Mohan's doctrine.

Wish you good luck dear.

CEO, Fachmann Search Services

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Kartik Agarwal

In a group, Mohan grabs your attention instantly. He stands out as someone who is earnest, knowledgeable and who means business. Rarely have I had a conversation with him which digressed. He is very matter-of-fact and also has a knack of handling difficult situation​s​ with ease. In my opinion, It is unfortunate for the ISB, that Mohan has decided to chart his own path.

Manager - University Relations at Amazon, India

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Vinod Achanta

Mohan has an eye for client requirements and his sense of research and data is close to accurate.​ ​I was once working on a banking client of mine and needed help on some research data on Retail Banking scene in India, Mohan became one-stop-shop for me for that​.

National Head - Corporate Strategy & Marketing at Apollo Home Healthcare Ltd.

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Shanker Ramabhotla

Mohan is a high-calibre English writer with passion for excellence. During my interaction with him, I found that he aimed to create his own company which specializes in providing business consultancy services to corporates, universities, research institutes, students and individuals.

He is clear in his thoughts. More than this, he is a person of high integrity with high values.

I am sure, more than his competencies​,​ which he has in abundance, high values and integrity will help him in achieving his goals.

Associate Manager at Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Kiran Kumar Alla

Mohan is a very creative guy. T​h​oughts and ideas keep flowing from him. He radiates energy everywhere and is very ambitious.

Good luck to you, Mohan.

Head - Central Engg Services at BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, New Delhi

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Dhanya Menon

Mohan is a very meticulous, keen and details-oriented person. He has a wonderful style of writing and is able to communicate his ideas very well. An avid reader and bibliophile, he is very active and keeps himself updated with the latest trends. I strongly recommend Mohan as he is dedicated, dependable, sincere and​ ​an upright person.

Senior Technical Information Engineer at CA Technologies

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Srikanth MK

Though I worked with Mohan for a short span of time (3 months), I can say with very much confidence that he is very hard working and honest in work. Coming to his thinking abilities, he thinks out-of-the-box and tries hard to achieve the same. All the best Mohan.

Asst General Manager at SEBI

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Mrinal Ray

Mohan is one of the most meticulous persons I have worked with. He is well versed in his vocation and is ever willing to help. He is a kind of coworker I would like to have on my team.

Marketing and Communications, ISB

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Sekar M

I know Mr. Mohan Chandran for a long time. He is a dictionary of a lot of new English words. I deeply appreciate his knowledge in business information research. His articles are very informative and straight to the objective. He is well organised in his thoughts and work. All the best Mohan.

Senior Manager-Data Sciences (Europe Region Responsibilities) at Nielsen India

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