Wed Inc

Of two families, was wedding once a union,
But, to just incomes, the couples, they now pinion!
In marriage, values were once regarded sacred,
But now, values aren’t valued, but dreaded!

Marriage was a union, of two compatible ideologies,
Alas! Now such thinking, has continued to cease!
It has become a trade, of luxury Vs beauty,
A way to escape, each other’s duty!

Over character, lucre takes precedence,
Throwing to wind, all common sense!
Status, prestige and wealth, are the only qualifications,
Overlooked are, all other ramifications!

How long, will such marriages last?
Is a moot question, that keeps people aghast! 

NB: Wedinc is a pun on the word “wedding” as it rhymes with wedding.
Here, “Wedinc” means wedding of two incomes!

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